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Smoke/Barrage Template, 6 Inch


Product Codesbt6i
ManufacturerBack 2 Base-ix

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One (1) laser cut acrylic Smoke/Barrage Template for table top wargaming. Cut from 3mm Light Grey acrylic. All parts come to you with a protective paper/vinyl coating so as not to be scratched during transit to you.

The template includes:

  • 4 x Template Legs
  • 2 x Template Tops, One open, one closed
  • 1 x Template Joiner


Once fully assembled the 6 inch template allows for placement over the intended target using the center hole for visual confirmation, leaving a minimal footprint on the table. When placed, this allows for hands free actions such as dice rolling.

At this point the top most plate can be removed, leaving the second one in place. This then allows for a clearer view of models located within, while also giving room for fingers and hands to placed inside to remove or place models as needed. The template itself is now 2 inches high at this stage, the arches allowing for model in/model out targeting of anything upto 1 and 1/2 inches tall.

Extra templates can also be set down and linked together with the supplied template joiner.

Simply slipping the joiner over adjacent tabs will keep them held together, creating a 6" x 12" template, or even a 6" x 18" template when 3 are used in series.

The top plate itself includes both 5" and 3" diameter engravings, useful for many games, as well as a 1-6 direction generator around the perimeter.