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Psycho Paint Series

NOVOCS Silicone Solvent

NOVOCS Silicone Solvent

One (1) Smooth-On NOVOCS Silicone Solvent NOVOCS™ Matte  & NOVOCS™ Gloss NOVOCS™ solvents are low viscosity silicone solvents that evaporate quickly. NOVOCS™ is particulary useful in thinning down Psycho Paint® silicone paint base to …


Psycho Paint (8oz)  250g Kit

Psycho Paint (8oz) 250g Kit

One (1) Smooth-On Psycho Paint (8oz) 250g Kit FEATURES     Good abrasion resistance     Very strong, Psycho Paint will bend and stretch with the model without cracking or peeling     Easy to mix, Easy to colour     Can be a…


Psycho Paint Pint (900gm)

Psycho Paint Pint (900gm)

One (1) Smooth-On Psycho Paint Pint (900gm) Psycho Paint® is a versatile and easy to use platinum silicone paint base developed to help special effects and prosthetic artisans, doll makers, etc. easily create painted-on color effects for their pl…