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MDF Movement Trays & Bases


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MDF Movement Trays are a great way to deploy your remimental troops on the gamng table. Easy to assemble and use, you can also detail your trays with same scenics as you do your miniature's bases. At it's simplest, MDF Movement Trays eliminate the need to march troops across the table one at a time. At their most complex you can also have magetised models that stick to your tray, eliminating any chance of your precious models falling over and damaging their awesome paint jobs.

  • - Precision Laser Cut 3mm MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board). MDF is dense, flat, stiff, and has no knots like grained plywood. Its fine particles provide dimensional stability without a predominant "grain" (as is the case with lumber). Unlike most plywoods, MDF contains no voids, and delivers crisp edges. Use PVA Wood glue to attach your favorite scenery materials.
  • - Rare Earth Magnet technology lets each magnetized miniature 'click' into place onto the tray (see Maglfex or Magnetic Trays for more details). Each miniture can easily be added/removed to simulate casualties or healed units.
  • - Easily assembled, just glue and go.
  • - Durable, hard wearing, can handle the knocks of any gaming session.
  • Coming in plain MDF, Magnetic (for metal based figures) or Magflex (for plastic/resin bases that have magnets added to the underside of the base, included in the kit). See Below

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