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Cast Magic Small


Product Codecms
ManufacturerSmooth On

One (1) Smooth-On Cast Magic, small.

The Cast Magic® Casting System is a new and easy way to add an endless variety of bright metallic, glitter & color effects to finished castings.  Cast Magic® is also good for reproducing sculpture and adding different cast effects to models and prototypes. With the Cast Magic® System, you can create spectacular casting effects in a matter of minutes vs. hours or days for hand tooling and finishing. Finished castings are strong and durable. They are also UV and weather resistant. Ideal for making signs, displays, special effects, and other casting applications.

There are 3 variables that make up the Cast Magic® System. The first variable is the Cast Magic® line of casting powders. There are 10 casting powders to choose from and it is these powders that give you the final casting affect. The second variable is Smooth-On's SO-Strong line of color tints. The third variable is the Smooth-On casting resin that you choose to create a specific look; solid, translucent or clear. By mixing and matching these three variables, over 500 different casting effects are possible.