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Ageing Powder


Product Codeagepowder
ManufacturerBack 2 Base-ix

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Back 2 Base-ix ageing powders allow you to add another dimension of painting, replicating the ageing effects and details to your model kits.

Available in 2 different sets of 6 and also as individuals, colours are as follows:


  • Black Carbon
  • Dried Blood
  • Sludge Brown
  • Slime Green
  • Bile Yellow
  • Rotten Orange


  • Swamp Brown
  • Earth Red
  • Rust Orange
  • Fools Gold
  • Marine Blue
  • Grave Brown

Ageing powders are best applied as they are. A dry powder with a clean brush. They lend themselves to be readily blended onto your already painted models in this way. The dynamics you can achieve are very vivid and bright, so only apply small amounts of the powder at any one time.

Once you have finished adding your powders to your model you will want to seal it with your favourite matt varnish.