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Infinity RPG

Infinity RPG - Aleph

This product will be shipping from 31 Aug 2019

Beset by an alien menace and riven with internal conflict as it is, the Human Sphere’s days are far from numbered, for its appointed guardian will do everything within its power to ensure that those who gave it life and continue to work alongside i…

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Infinity RPG - Ariadna Supplement

No available restock date at this time. Welcome to a crystal-clear dawn! The first great expedition to the stars, Project: DAWN, began with enormous enthusiasm and unprecedented collaboration, but ended in tragedy and isolation. Despite being seve…

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Infinity RPG - GM Screen Supplement

No available restock date at this time. Despite presenting a unified front against the relentless predations of the Combined Army, the factions of the Human Sphere constantly manoeuvre for status and gain. Clandestine meetings lead to new alliance…

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Infinity RPG - Haqqislam Supplement

No available restock date at this time. The Haqqislamite movement found traction in a world riven by political turmoil and economic crises. Its greatest messenger, Farhad Khadivar, advocated a new ideology that wove together the many complex threa…

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Infinity RPG - Nomads

This product will be shipping from 27 Aug 2019

Bakunin. Corrigodor. Tunguska. Three gigantic motherships, one diverse Natio. Each traversing the Human Sphere as they see fit in order to deliver their own unique blends of chaos and colour to the distinctly bland lives of their planetary cousins. A…

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Infinity RPG Gamemasters Guide

The Infinity RPG Gamemasters Guide decodes the mysteries of the Gamemasters role, offers insight and advice for organising groups, designing campaigns, and running games, and introduces optional rules designed to offer new layers of immersion in the …

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