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GKR Heavy Hitters Hapsi Can & Faction Dice (Original Flavor)


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First released at Kickstarter, the Hapsi Can is now available thanks to our corporate overlords. It includes 32 themed defense dice, to help you rumble your way to glory.

Feeling parched? 

Sip on this refreshing can of Hapsi. With a misleading texture and a flavor that resists classification, Hapsi is the official drink of GKR: Heavy Hitters.

Try it and discover why all the best Pilots drink Hapsi*.


Stainless steel Hapsi can
Built-in flip spout and straw – doubles as a drink bottle!
Height: 5.5”
Circumference: 2.8” (at widest point)

8 x King Wolf Defense Dice
8 x ThunderHappy Defense Dice
8 x Diamondback Defense Dice
8 x Hammerstrike Defense Dice

GKR: Heavy Hitters is a customizable tabletop game for 1-4 players, combining high-quality collectibles with dice-rolling, deck-building and tactical play. Pilot your Heavy Hitter (the biggest, baddest robot on the board) and a squad of three Support Units through the ruins of an old city, competing to either wipe your opponent off the map or reduce four skyscrapers to rubble!